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I received my credit card statement and unrecongnized charge
I was so fustraited and upset after receiving my bill. I thought it was a fraudulent charge and was ready to call my bank to file a dispute until after I noticed it wa a toll free 800 number to call . It was ASR dedicated customer billing department to assist customers and issue immediate refunds and cancelations and also make adjustments to my bill and update my credit card with a new one. Thank you ASR for calming me down and clarified the charge.
I was charged after cancelled my subscription
I thought if I cancel my subscription I will get a refund too. It was my mistakebut the Billing agent quickly refunded my charge. This is definatley an honest company. I'll come back and subscribe again soon. Thanks ASR Billing Team :-) See full review...
Luis Mcfcafee
I thought I canceled a duplicate order but forgot
and was charged another billing cylce. Rest assured ASR billing honored the 30 day money back and quickly refunded money for the duplicate order.
Anne Styles
I was charged twice by my mistake
ASR billing expert assisted me and refunded and canceled the extra order. I love ASR and will keep using it forever. Thanks for keeping customers first.
I needed to cancel my subscription
I'm not tech savvy and was lost on how this work. I went to the www.ASRBilling.com site as instructed and connected emmidiately with a billing expert and within 2 minutes was able to successfully cancel my subscription. Thamks ASR.
Frank Willians
I needed to update my email and get an invoice.
I contacted asrbilling.com and within seconds was connected to a billing expert. They were so friendly and kind and happy to help me. They resolved my issues within 3 minutes. Wow, thanks!
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 Get your Refunds processed fast
  • -  I recieved my credit card statement and was charged
  • -  I was charged twise and need my refund
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  • - I subscribed my mistake and now need to refund
  • - and any other refund issues, we're here to help
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  • - I need help on canceling my subscription
  • -I  need to unsubscribe before next billing cycle to not get charged
  • - I have 3 subscription need to cancel one.
  • - I want to update my subscription
  • -  I want to manualy renew my subscription
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  • -  Send invoices and account updates to clients
  • - Address and solve client questions and issues
  • - Credit customer accounts
  • - issue discounts to paid customers etc.